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Ladies!  I'm curious...

- Is your business thriving?
- Does it "nourish" your soul?
- Is it "socially conscious"?
- Do you have "engaged" staff?

If you are a courageous entrepreneur committed to high growth, I’m glad you found me!  I teach women to find their inner CONFIDENCE, unleash their JOY and FLOURISH!  

    Flourish to grow luxuriantly, thrive
    -  in one's prime; at the height of
       fame, excellence, influence. 

Happily sharing experiences drawn from 8 start-ups & high growth firms (up to $12M).  Passionate about life, expressive, resilient, creative & confident Coach, who loves Social Enterprise work - living on purpose, creating JOY.  

Are you ready to Flourish?
​I was born a passionate Optimist seeing opportunity everywhere - an abundance mindset, where the Law of Attraction provides...

My fortune is to be inspiring women entrepreneurs & business owners grow, to SCALE-UP, without losing yourself in the process.  My clients move from running in circles to growth - ease & flow.  Do you want to confidently grow your team, lead with CONFIDENCE & Authentic Leadership, make an IMPACT, and have FUN at work?  And take those long overdue vacations...

My Mum lost her confidence under the iron rule of my controlling Father - nope, not for me - I choose the FREEDOM to be who I am destined to be!  
             How about you?

Yvonne E.L. Silver - Flourish!
Catalyst for Women: JOY in business...
Executive Coach, Speaker, Mentor
CEC, CHRP/CPHR, RP, EI Consultant
Mentorship Chair, Reiki Practitioner
T: 403.999.4749

                                                                (Coaching Team)


What if... 
You could live more confidently - what massive ripple could you create?
Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Writer, Business owner, Mother, Wife & Growth Catalyst...