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Get to know Yvonne EL Silver, CEC, CPHR, RP...
Yvonne E.L. Silver is passionate about living a Flourishing life - one with purpose and JOY, and business success.  She teaches women to Flourish in business.  Yvonne shares her 15+ year immersive personal growth journey  (through workshops, books, videos and  live coaching with some of today's most respected life teachers (Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Jayne Warrilow), and today includes her own learnings and wisdom - around "Confident Language and making your big ASK".

She passionately works with women - those who have a massive vision, and are committed to achieving it, and especially those with a social enterprise focus.  With over 25 years of high growth business leadership experiences, Yvonne inspires entrepreneurial women to achieve extraordinary results in business, master work-life integration, and increase quality family time. 

She also combines Coaching science and behavioural outcomes with her brand of Entrepreneurial Balance using Powerful Language & Energetic Resonance, Agile Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Business Visioning strategies. Her clients experience purposeful growth. By helping women leaders flourish and grow their business, and expand their team - they can also hire more women, at fair pay rates, impacting a critical global issue - pay inequity. 

Nov. 2-18 - Book Launch Celebration Event, 5-9pm
Nov. 2 - "Words, Women & Wisdom" - Amazon Bestseller- woohoo!
Sep. 20 - Awarded "Women of Inspiration 2018 - Mentorship"
Jul. 24 - Words Women And Wisdom Radio Show/podcast launch
Apr. 7 - BPW Mentorship: "Career Advancement Essentials"
Mar. 23 -  CIWA: "Authentic Leadership with Emotional Intelligence"
Mar. 10 - Fearless Summit, Edmonton - Confident Language...
Feb. 23 - CIWA: Career Advancement with Emotional Intelligence
Nov. 9 - Canadian Business Chicks Breaky - Host Speaker
Nov. 8 - BPW dinner: "Confident Conversations - Your Powerful ASK"
Oct. 13 - CIWA: "Learn Emotional Intelligence & stay employed"
Sep. 27 - CREATE Live - Coaches Business School (J. Warrilow)
Sep10- Women Embracing Brilliance "Word Power & Confidence" 
Sep. 9 -  BPW Mentorship: "Career planning with Confidence"
Aug. 22 - BPW Canada Online -"Authentic Leadership for Women"
Jul. 13 - Innovation Rodeo: Judging Panel - Young Entrepreneurs 
Jul. 3 -  Women of Inspiration 2017 - Judging panel member 
Jun. 14 - BPW Mentorship: "Authentic Leadership for Women"
May 25 - Bridges AGM - "Career JOY: People with Disabilities"
May 12 - CIWA - "Learn Emotional Intelligence & stay employed"
May - Coaches Business School - joined the Intl. Coaching Team
Apr. 14 - HRIA - "Authentic Leadership for Women" workshop
Mar. 16 - BPW Mentorship: "Work-Life Balance Essentials" 
Mar. 15 - WomenTalk Calgary - "Living with JOY & Purpose"
Mar. 15 - Tenacious Living Radio - Interview - "Living with Purpose"
Mar. 14 - BPW Canada Online Club - "Mentorship Magic"
Mar. 9 -  WomenTalk, Medicine Hat - "Living with JOY & Purpose"
Feb. 23/28 WomenTalk, Strathmore & Red Deer - "JOY & Purpose"
Feb. 19 - Virgin Beauty Bitch - Podcast Conversation shared
Jan. 2017-8 Mentorship Chair - Canadian Business Chicks 
2016-2017-8 CREATE - Resonant Coaching Ambassador 
2016-2018 Mentorship Chair - Business Professional Women 
Nov. 16th, 2016 - Canadian Business Chicks: "Mentorship Magic" 
Oct. 18th, 2016 YYC: "Biz Building with Appreciative Sales Kinetics"
Aug. 18th, 2016 DayCamp Hosted - "Passion & Purpose" 
Aug. 13th, 2016 BPW National Conference - "Mentorship Works!"


 "You Are Meant for Something More", 
with members of The Resonance Project.
FREE e-book available (for a limited time) 
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Tele-summit & radio interviews:
Virgin, Beauty & the Bitch - Interview # 19 Leaving The Corporate Box!
Go to: https://www.virginbeautybitch.com/podcast

LIVING WITH MORE PURPOSE AND JOY! Click here to listen: 
Sky's The Limit Radio: "Stop Burning out and start Living - The Power of your Words!"  How to ask for what you want - and get it! 
(20-mins of radio interview content)  Click here to listen: 

"Stop Burning out and start Living - The Power of your Words!" 
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  - "Confident Conversations:
       The Power of the ASK"
  - "Mentorship Magic"

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Her story...  Words are a passion!
​Yvonne grew up in England with a traumatized Father who was in World War 2, and a mother who was nervous and scared of him, as he often showed a mean streak (being unable to socially interact after his war experiences on the beach at Flanders). Having watched her mother being verbally bullied for years, (and personally surviving numerous spankings), Yvonne’s passion emerged - to support women to have increased confidence, to speak-up for what they want in life - and get it!  Her clients expand and blossom through her teachings and support.

Yvonne loves high growth businesses and entrepreneurship, previously holding positions of VP for a global talent management organization, HR Director and ICF Board member, and is currently the Mentorship Chair with BPW Calgary chapter, as well as Mentorship Program Chair with Canadian Business Chicks and Board Member for The NEST Foundation.

Professionally, Yvonne holds a Royal Roads Executive Coaching Certificate, International Coach Federation membership and a CPHR/CHRP designation (HRIA), as well as completing Business Management at The University of Calgary. She is also a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Mentor for women. Using her core values of Creativity, Inspiration, Intuition and Possibility – Yvonne is passionate about women’s evolution, especially social enterprise win-win thinking.

Personally, she is happily married living on the edge of the glorious Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta - with a combined family of 4 young adults (ages 22-31 at time of writing), an amazing husband, and an energetic little Sheltie named Shelby...  

Yvonne loves to write, and has already contributed to two books: "Stepping Stones to Success": with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra and Denis Waitely, as well as "You Are Meant for Something More" - with colleagues from the global Resonance Project. Her first solo book is in progress, to aid in shifting women's confidence using agile yet powerful language, entitled "Words, Women & Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations".

She hit career burnout herself in 2013, after striving hard to achieve external "success".  She stopped, stepped back, dug deep into her soul, and blossomed to a new level of self-awareness. Yvonne delved into energy and resonance, training as a Certified Reiki Practitioner. After intense personal growth and awakening, she now leverages emotional and energetic intelligence. Her curiosity in language and the “power of words” is now being expanded in her upcoming book, combining behaviour, language and impact.

​Today, after 25+years of Director and VP-level experiences in high-growth organizations, she has evolved to a seasoned Executive Coach who supports women entrepreneurs and leaders see significant success in their lives, and have a ripple effect for other women as well. She loves social enterprise ventures! Her favourite client is her son Alex who operates his art business sharing profits with Operation Smile (helping with surgeries for children to fix their cleft palate).
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