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Article: Corporate Women – recently laid off & considering starting your own Business?
In these uncertain times in our economy, one of the popular ways to take control of your career after a business restructuring or lay-off is to take a contract position (as a self-employed Consultant), or many women consider starting their own business. Your brain says “I can do this”, and “I will be successful” because: ... 
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Article: DAY #6 SPRING Business Booster TIP: Measure it!
What gets measured gets done! In large corporations that adage is everywhere, in every performance review – often making staff squirm. If it works in a multi-national group, can you adapt it for your smaller or start-up business?  
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"Yvonne brings a great deal of wisdom and passion to her contribution to the business and coaching community. She works so well with clients of high growth businesses to really align their personal values and their leadership to build community and engage their staff in purposeful work. I simply love her energy and the creativity she brings to the conversation - she simply opens others up to a more meaningful and expansive dialogue. A consummate professional who really walks her talk. If you get the chance to work with Yvonne, do it - you won’t be disappointed!"
- Jayne Warrilow, Founder & Executive C-Level Coach, JW International

"Yvonne has really helped me to find work-life balance. When a situation arises now I don’t have to drop everything - as well as my principles, I have learned how to cope much better. Her style is to coach in an encouraging way, she is firm yet gentle and assured – pointing out the positive (not what you are doing wrong), and this style really resonated with me."  
- Sophie Serafino – President & Founder Every Woman Foundation

"Changing behaviour is uncomfortable and challenging, at times leaving me with feelings of vulnerability. Having a coach to guide that conversation without judgement was very valuable. Amazing how a well-framed question asked at the right time, lead to personal “Ah has”. Personally, the 1:1 coaching was the most valuable aspect of the Forum program." 
- Cheryl O. - HR Director

"When I connected with Yvonne I wanted more clarity, structure and focus to build my business. Using self reflection and awareness activities, and a solid business planning process, Yvonne helped me find my niche, define what I was passionate about, and determine how to attract clients that fit my values. Her insight about the consulting world and timely follow-up was extremely valuable to help me stay accountable to my commitments as well."
- Janice Sharlow, Principal - Sharlow Consulting Inc.

"WOW - that was the most valuable 20-minutes that I have had in a long time!"
- Renata Reid - Real Estate Expert - Sothebys

"I wanted you to know that YOU were the one who really helped me embrace my focus on educators. That has been a pivotal moment for me..."  
Marceta Reilly, PhD, PCC- Reilly & Associates, 
Co-Author "Coaching Conversations"

Article: Appreciative Sales Kinetics - DAY #9 Business Booster Tip
There are a significant amount of marketing and sales techniques that you can leverage and adapt to help attract new clients to your business, and yet, I find myself questioning if the “tried” and supposedly “true” approaches are the best in today’s marketplace…
Article: Attracting vs. chasing potential Clients... 
An old saying is that it is easier to “attract more bees with honey than vinegar”. We often have a choice in the early stages of our business evolution – to attract clients that nourish our soul, or those who are not necessarily aligned with our values, however happily pay for our services...   (Click here to read article)

"I have been working with Yvonne for the past six months, and am impressed with her business expertise and balanced approach to coaching. Her extensive experience in the business world, along with her gentle guidance and love of teaching, has helped me build a solid foundation for my new business, while at the same time avoiding common pitfalls and personal burnout. Since working with Yvonne, I have been able to focus on what is actually important in my business. In particular, Yvonne has helped me develop my skills in conversational sales, making this process feel natural and connected. As a result, I am much more comfortable and have more confidence when I meet with potential clients."

Megan Chernesky – Health Coach, Restore Health & Nutrition
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"I first met Yvonne Silver when she attended a Business Professional Women's Club dinner meeting with her client Sophie Serafino, and instantly connected to her warmth and professionalism. At the time I felt overworked, and needed my career and home-life to shift into balance and personal alignment. I found our coaching conversations deep and inspirational, and the tools and related articles on personal leadership, balance, and employee engagement were extremely valuable. Most importantly, having a 1:1 relationship with a female Executive Coach (who understands the pressures of leadership and business operations) significantly helped me re-prioritize, rejuvenate and refocus, enabling much more balance and clarity in my life - and much less stress."

Sophie Blais-Yalbir, Senior Financial Advisor & Business Development Manager – Wealthco 
and Current President - BPW Calgary"
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New Article: Protecting your Energy & Flow...
DAY #10 Business Booster Tip
It’s Spring! When we nurture our garden, we add fertilizer to nourish, add water to feed, and sometimes pop in a plant stake while it gains strength and grows strong roots. In life, we need to nurture our soul, nourish ourselves and prevent energy drains.    (Click here to read article)

Additional articles and comments posted on a regular basis, please check back for the latest news and updates...
Coaching helps Women Reach Higher!
Calgary Herald - Workplace 
When Calgary career coach Yvonne Silver and image consultant Leslie Davies hosted an event this past Thursday for International Women's Day, they focused on one thing more than anything: confidence...
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