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My Career Visioning Roadmap, combined with Professional Coaching (plus 20-years of Leadership and Human Development expertise) can help you Flourish and step into a new level of JOY (with LESS stress) at work.  The 7-Step Roadmap will help you to:

  • Identify stress areas & how to relieve them
  • Determine energy sappers & time wasters
  • Explore your Personal Value Proposition
  • Align with your strengths & desires
  • Develop new options & alternatives
  • Live in alignment
  • Gain clarity on your passions
  • Find more balance
  • Expand your JOY factor
  • Develop your CAREER VISION and how to achieve it!

Read the FREE booklet: "10 Confidence Boosters at Work©: surprising concepts you never thought about..." - for top tips, then lets talk, and see how the Career Visioning Roadmap (with 1:1 Coaching) could help you advance YOUR career.

Start 2018 with a vision, a Career Vision for Success!
- Secure that promotion in 2018
- Engage others in dialogue on your opinions and ideas
- Learn to say "no" to others needs to create space for yours
- A rewarding role = less overtime & frustration brought home to family
- Kick-start your career with a boost
- Demonstrate you are ready to step-up to Leadership...

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Developing a Career Vision is key to seeing success (& reducing 
workplace overwhelm and the emotional chaos many women face).
Learn more about Yvonne's approaches to using 
The Power of Words:

"Gain confidence by setting yourself up for success - in life and work - using simple yet powerful approaches. Recognize and eliminate words that wreck your positive attitude and can lead to burnout. Learn how can you can identify them, change them, and get your life back on track. Along the way learn about what you can change to prevent derailment from reoccurring. Find out how to ask for what you really want, and get it…"Yvonne                                                                       

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​                                     "STOP BURNING OUT AND START LIVING"