with Yvonne Silver:
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Savvy Women Entrepreneurs, are you:

Ready to Flourish, feeling the compelling tug of stepping into a new
 level of success, however, looking for ways to support reaching your 
goals and dreams - even faster, and with more impact, purpose and personal alignment?
                             - Is your business thriving?
                             - Does it "nourish" your soul?
                             - Is it "socially conscious"?
                             - Do you have "engaged" staff?
​​Are you seeing success in your business, yet wonder if it is sustainable?

  • Want to use powerful language more effectively in negotiations
  • Stay feeling in control vs. becoming overwhelmed - clear & focused!  
  • Wish to work smarter vs.WAY too hard for your results?
  • Develop the Confidence to attract what you want in business... 
  • Move from uncertain to decisive!
  • Attend your family activities & your children's events - without GUILT! 

​If not, perhaps it is time to explore how professional Coaching can help...

Is it time for you, 
to invest in your YOUR NEEDS?

Time to leverage my 
3-Step Flourish System: 
Visualize, Monetize, & Optimize
your business & Flourish!

These are a few typical client comments, before we coached together:

       - "I have invested 3 (to 5) years ​in getting my business off the ground, now it has taken over my life!"  
       - "I feel like I am spinning in circles and getting nowhere..."
       - "I really NEED a vacation, however, I can't afford to take one (as my revenues will drop off)"
       - "My son is "acting-up" & trying to get my attention, but I am not sure why"           
       - "I feel torn between my needs and responding to my clients, and feel guilty when I put myself first..."         
       - "I want LESS STRESS and more Joy in my life!"

Let's book a 1:1 Exploration Call...
Re-energize & Refresh your business & leadership:

Let's take a Success Inventory, and:

   ~ Review & remove any lingering Energy Drains
   ~ Reconnect and Align with your Business Purpose
   ~ Shore-up your Business Foundation
   ~ Evolve your Verbal Agility
   ~ Identify your Authentic Leadership
   ~ Attract new Ideal Clients & exceptional staff
   ~ Refresh your Leadership & Employee Engagement
   ~ Understand your Emotional Intelligence levels
   ~ Develop Stress-Reduction & Work-Life balance insights

VIP programs available:
    1-day Kick-off + 10-months of coaching for massive personal growth
    1/2-day Kick-off + 6-months of 1:1 coaching - a major confidence shift
    1/2-day Revenue Booster VIP Program (hosted via ZOOM) click here.

Customized Flourish Program - Coaching available 
(following an Alignment & Growth conversation)

Request information, or simply call for a Confidential discussion to see how one of these approaches supports your needs, and let's explore together how 2017 could be more PURPOSEFUL, in your business and life!   Tel: 403.999.4749

Click here & see how to increase your success with a VIP Revenue Booster session
- booking now!